Hi, welcome to my channel.Today i am sharing with you, Top 10 World Famous Books on Pakistan History, with detailed book reviews and analysis.

BOOK NO.1: The Great Divide Britain–India–Pakistan; by H. V.Hodson

BOOK NO.2: The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and
the Demand for Pakistan; by Ayesha Jalal

BOOK NO.3: Jinnah: Creator of Pakistan, by Hector Bolitho

BOOK NO.4: Jinnah of Pakistan, by Stanley Wolpert

BOOK NO.5: Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic identity: the Search for Saladin; by Akbar S. Ahmed

BOOK NO.6: Pakistan: A Modern History, by Ian Talbot

BOOK NO.7: The Idea of Pakistan, by Stephen P. Cohen

BOOK NO.8: The Oxford Companion to Pakistani History Edited by Ayesha Jalal

BOOK NO.9: The Murder of History: A Critique of History Textbooks Used in Pakistan by K.K. Aziz

BOOK NO.10: New Perspectives on Pakistan Visions for the Future Edited, by Saeed Shafqat

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