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FEH Report #4 is a documentary style video covering the second year of the Aether Raids Meta from the beginning of Book 4 until the last day before Book 5. Let’s see just how much Aether Raids could change in just 1 year!

00:00 Intro
01:00 Book 4 Arrives
01:38 Peony, our first Mythic Dancer
03:43 The Godswords Descend on the Meta
06:08 A Hero Rises
07:35 The Anniversary Fiasco
09:28 Altina, our first F2P Astra Mythic
11:26 Combat Manuals and Forma Souls
12:39 Sparking Arrives and Changes FEH forever
14:30 Year 2 Mythics
15:40 Brammimond, Destroyer of Tanks
17:04 Isolation the Mythic
19:29 Infantry Pulse gets knocked down a peg
20:43 Cav Lines become the Kings of Defense
23:42 Duo Units begin to Dominate
24:45 Bridal Micaiah, Defense Destroyer
26:00 Choose Your Houses
26:31 Brave Claude heals his way to the top
26:50 Brave Edelgard is a cheater
27:57 CYL 2 Refines hit the Meta
28:24 Brave Hector, the Future King of the Meta
29:58 Quality of Life Additions
30:27 Our first Cavalry Dancer is here
30:53 The Dancing Fairies
31:19 Mirabilis, the Anima Menace
34:00 Plumeria, the Best Astra Mythic
34:42 Triandra, the Blood-Thirsty Dancer
37:16 Shinon, the Deadeye Fodder
37:52 Flayn, the Queen of Damage Reduction
38:41 Freyja, the Goat Mythic
40:03 The Most Powerful Duo Appears
42:15 Book 4 Comes to a Close
43:03 The Eve before Book 5
44:11 Outro and Thanks

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PheonixMaster 1
Infantry Pulse

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