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01. Seerat-e-Ibraheem ( A.S ) Aur-Uske-Taqaze.pdf

02. Babil-Se-Bataha-Tak-Hazrat-Ibrahim(A.S).pdf

03. IbraheemA.SBahsiyat-e-Walid.pdf

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In this video, three best books on the biography of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) are mentioned which are useful for every student. Studying the biography of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) is equally useful for every student. Thank you.
Allah Almighty declared the life of Hazrat Ibrahim as a beacon for all Muslims. In fact, every aspect of your life is exemplary and exemplary. In the foregoing book, Dr. Fazlullah, while meditating on the life of Hazrat Ibrahim, has inferred lessons for Muslims. The author divides the life of Abraham as a father into three parts. In the first part, there is a mention of the words of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in which he strived and strived to have children. In the other corner are the things he tried and wished to keep his children safe. The third and final section mentions the methods they adopted to fulfill their intentions and desires for their children. In the book, the author strongly emphasizes that parents should make the life of Hazrat Ibrahim a beacon for the training of their children and benefit from the advice contained in it.

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