👋 Visit our website https://ririro.com Description: Emotional regulation involves recognising emotions, using language to express feelings, learning to calm oneself down in the face of overwhelming emotions, and learning to treat others with kindness and empathy. And these are skills and behaviours that need to be learned. Toddlers and preschoolers are learning so much about themselves and their place in the world. They are often overwhelmed with big emotions and their often extreme reactions to these emotions – such as tantrums, yelling, hitting, biting – can cause great frustration for parents and care givers.

But learning to master big emotions and the associated social skills of emotional regulation helps children to succeed not just in childhood but right through to adulthood.

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00:00:00 Book 1: Happy And Sad, Grouchy And Glad
A Sesame Street/Golden Press book. A Little Golden Book. Prairie Dawn presents yet another pageant, written entirely in rhyme and focusing on feelings and emotions. Participants include Grover (expressing love for his mommy), Cookie Monster (experiencing an emotional rollercoaster during the process of cookie consumption), Big Bird (expressing grouchiness, instead of Oscar the Grouch, who instigates it), the Amazing Mumford (surprised at how his trick turns out), Elmo, Telly Monster, and Shelley the Turtle (demonstrating shyness).

00:04:47 Book 2: Inside Me, Sometimes
A whimsical octopus portrays contrasting emotions and then invites young readers to see those feelings in themselves. It not only helps children (and adults) identify those common feelings, but it encourages with simplicity the healthiness of emotional expression.

00:08:23 Book 3: I’m Gonna Like Me. Letting Off A Little Self-Esteem
From the #1 New York Times bestselling team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, creators of Today I Feel Silly and Where Do Balloons Go?, comes I’m Gonna Like Me, a funny and moving celebration of self-esteem and loving the skin you’re in.

Celebrate liking yourself! Through alternating points of view, a girl’s and a boy’s, Jamie Lee Curtis’s triumphant text and Laura Cornell’s lively artwork show kids that the key to feeling good is liking yourself because you are you.

A book to rejoice in and share, I’m Gonna Like Me will have kids letting off some self-esteem in no time!

00:12:50 Book 4: I Love You All The Time
I Love You All The Time offers a refreshing twist on the familiar message of unconditional love by reminding kids that their moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and close friends love them no matter how busy these adults are or where they live. Playful, imaginative drawings and delightful verse appeal to bright-eyed babies, comfort-seeking toddlers, and proud first readers.

00:14:58 Grover’s Bad, Awful Day
Grover’s Bad, Awful Day is a 1986 Sesame Street book about Grover having an unlucky day. After waking up Grover stubs his foot on his scooter, his toothpaste falls off his brush, he knocks the toothpaste cap down the sink drain, his fur gets tangled in his comb, he spills the milk at breakfast, his mom makes him wear his rubber boots to school, and he leaves his lunch at home without knowing it. When Grover gets home he tells his mother all about his horrible day. She tells him that everyone has bad days, now and again. The two go and recover his lost boot, and then head off to Hooper’s Store for some ice cream sodas. While enjoying his treat, Monty Monster (leader of the Mighty Monsters) invites him to play tickle football with the Mighty Monsters the next day and he thinks that tomorrow might be a better day.

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