Hindu Festivals-why to celebrate | New Book Launch | Best Selling Book of the year.

Book Title: Hindu Festival-why to celebrate?
Author: Dr. Ashish Dhyani (Twitter: @AshishDhyani123)
Publisher: Fantabulous Publishers India (Twitter: @PublishersIndia)
Website: www.fantabulous.co.in
Book Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Hindu-Festivals-why-celebrate-festivals-India-ebook/dp/B09BLBKW4G/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1634985023&sr=8-1

Have you asked few following questions from you or from any of your family member, friends or any near dear one,
Why Hindus have so many festivals?
What are the reasons behind?
How do they celebrate each one of them?
What are the true customs and traditions? etc. etc

Hindu has become alias of “Sanatan-Dharma” which is one of the ancient religion in this planet. The real root of Hinduism emerged in India and gradually spread across Sindhu river too. India is a hub of several religions, customs, caste, creed and so on… Hinduism is though the biggest religion that has vast enriched history. Their culture is full of customs, that changes in every 50miles, lets know the vastness in Hinduism through their festivals.
This is a comprehensive book that pour some light on the reasons behind Hindu Festivals, why Hindu celebrate so many festivals and what are the real traditions of celebrating them.