The GodFather of Influence, Robert Cialdini joins us again on Behavioral Grooves to share his motivation for expanding his bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion ( which now includes a completely new Seventh Principle of Influence: Unity. This additional principle can help explain our political loyalties, vaccine hesitancy and why media headlines can be so inflammatory.
Another motivation for the revised edition to the book is to include more application to the Principles of Influence. So our conversation highlights some of Bob’s advice for start-up businesses and how they can harness the principle of Social Proof. And as general advice, Bob recounts how he recently advised a teenager to be generous to others – this in turn stimulates the Rule of Reciprocity, nurturing a relationship which is mutually beneficial.
No episode of Behavioral Grooves would be complete without discussing music, even with guests we’ve interviewed before! But the theme of unity has a special significance with music and Bob highlights how music and dance bring people together and help them feel unified. Plus we get an interesting story of an experiment in France, and how a guitar case played a crucial part in one man’s luck.
We hope you enjoy our discussion with The Godfather of Influence, Robert Cialdini. Since we generously share our great content with you, perhaps you feel influenced by the Rule of Reciprocity and will become a Behavioral Grooves Patreon Member at!
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Topics we Discuss on Unity with Robert Cialdini 
(3:55) Speed round 
(6:50) Ideal number of stars on your online review
(9:00) Why Cialdini wrote a new edition of Influence
(12:13) The new Seventh Principle: Unity
(15:10) How to harness social proof as a start-up 
(20:02) A new color of lies
(22:22) Principle of Unity with politics
(24:42) Tribalism and vaccine hesitancy 
(28:35) Why Trump getting vaccinated hasn’t influenced his voters
(30:50) How framing of media headlines influences our perception of the news
(33:24) The Petrified Forest Wood Principle 
(36:56) Where will the next generation of research go with Cialdini’s work?
(40:52) What advice would Cialdini give your teenager?
(48:23) Music and influence
(53:05) Grooving session 
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