It’s so easy to learn phonics. Just follow the playlist.

Go Phonics 1-5 series will help learners acquire the rules of matching spelling patterns to underlying sounds systematically through learning a large collection of words in an interesting and meaningful context which share the same sound and spelling patterns. It is particularly important for EFL learners to master the basic skills of matching letters to known sounds, spelling words from given sounds and sounding out with written words.

Go Phonics 1A Unit 1 Start with a e i o u
Go Phonics 1B Unit 2-25 21 Consonant Letters
Go Phonics 1C Unit 26-30 5 Short Vowels in Rhyme Groups

Go Phonics 2A Unit 1-9 Long Vowels | ar er ir or ur | ee ea oo ue au
Go Phonics 2B Unit 4-7 Double Vowels | ai ay | oi oy | oa ou
Go Phonics 2C Unit 17-22 Split Magic “e” | a_e e_e i_e o_e u_e

Go Phonics 3A Unit 1-3 “l” Blends | bl pl | cl gl | fl sl
Go Phonics 3B Unit 4-7 “r” Blends | br pr | cr gr | dr tr | fr
Go Phonics 3C Unit 8-11 “w” Blends | dw tw
Go Phonics 3D Unit 12-13 “s” Blends | sc sk | sp st | sm sn | sw
Go Phonics 3E Unit 14-16 Triple Blends | scr spr str | sph spl str
Go Phonics 3F Unit 17-22 Final Blends | -ng -nk -nd nt -sk -st -ft -mp -lb -ld -lf -lk -lm -lp -lt

Go Phonics 4A Unit 1-7 “h” Family | ch- -ch -tch sh- -sh th- -th ph- -ph shr- thr-
Go Phonics 4B Unit 8-13 Silent Letters | kn- wr- h- rh- gh- wh- -gh -ght -mb -mn -ck
Go Phonics 4C Unit 14-22 Special Vowels | aw ew ow oo
Go Phonics 4D Unit 23-28 Double Vowels 2 | ear ere eer are air

Go Phonics 5A Unit 1-2 Syllables
Go Phonics 5B Unit 3-5 Stressed and Unstressed Patterns
Go Phonics 5C Unit 6-8 Double Letters
Go Phonics 5D Unit 9-13 Soft and Hard “c”
Go Phonics 5E Unit 14-19 Sounds of a, e, i, o, u
Go Phonics 5F Unit 20-21 y as a Vowel (Stressed and Unstressed)
Go Phonics 5G Unit 22-26 Schwa
Go Phonics 5H Unit 27-28 Prefixes and Suffixes

At RASS Language, we publish the best-in-class phonics, sight words and readers for English learners. Phonics helps them decode words and sound them out. Sight Words help them read fluently and concentrate on the meaning of the text. Together Phonics and Sight Words open the door to reading.

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RASS LANGUAGE is committed to the development of children’s English education materials for over 15 years. We firmly believe that SOUNDS form the basis for all language learning. Our name RASS stands for Reading as Art and Science of Sounds. Based on the premise that “Listening/Speaking driving Reading/Writing”, our publications are imbuded with chants, songs, stories and animation to facilitate easy learning. We have developed our own Talking iPEN which is a “point to read” device supporting all our titles. Our publications are grouped into 3 main series covering Phonics, Sight Words and Readers, plus other learning materials such as dictionary and Putonghua.

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