Business biography books are good for one’s personal development. By reading the biographies of successful people, you can learn valuable lessons that can help you grow as a person. Biographies are so popular because they are an easy way to learn about the lives of people who you admire, but they are also very entertaining. Here are some of the best business biography books that you should read in 2021.
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1 wise guy
2 Sam Walton made in America
3 the harder you work the luckier you get
4 Steve jobs
5 dear to fly
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Psychology of money
Rich dad poor dad
World’s greatest books for personal growth and wealth
Atomic habits
The alchemist
As a man thinketh
Attitude is everything
Life’s amazing secret
How to win friends and influence people
The blue umbrella
The intelligent Investor
The richest man in Babylon
Think and grow rich
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