Fall is here so it’s time for me to read more mystery and thriller books! I didn’t know which one to read so I made you vote and decided to do a “try a chapter book tag” where I read the first chapter of 5 different books and finished the most promising one! Did I find a new favorite book I can recommend? 😀

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Kat M
Andrassy Zsofi
Kim Patten
Lili O Varela
Veronica Huber
Shauna Marie
Linda Gonzales
Amanda Appel
Sarah A Schafer
Kaela Clifton
Ana Pinese
Abbie Day
Sandra Bertilsson
Bookish Pothos
Franziska Weires
Amelia Kisling Harris
Réka Zsigrai
Micheal Sommers
Karen Champ
Freeman Fridie

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