Silent e can change the way a vowel sounds. Silent e makes another vowel say its name. Phonics skills help kids become better readers. Here are links to each section of this video:

00:00 Rock ‘N Learn Title Screen
00:05 What is Silent e?
01:03 Read Words with Silent e
04:02 More Silent e Practice
07:47 Sentences with Silent e Words
09:55 Silent e Song (reprise)

Silent e makes another vowel say its name! Students have such a good time singing along with this catchy song, they may not even realize they are getting valuable practice reading words with Silent e. Susan introduces the concept of how Silent e works to Chip. Then, students read words as our helpful on-screen mouth assists with correct sound formation.

After singing along with Jade the Squirrel and practicing words, students read sentences containing words with Silent e. Colorful illustrations accompany each sentence. Each word is underlined as it is read by Brad, our animated host.

Studies show that using video content as part of a lesson can help with comprehension and retention. This video is a great way to introduce and practice words with Silent e.

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