Hello my fellow book nerds!!
I’ve been watching so many booktube videos all about classic literature, and I thought that I’d love to do the “For The Love Of Classics Book Tag”!! I hope you all enjoy my answers to these great questions!! I’m uploading this on December 1st so I hope you’re all getting into the holiday spirit!! I’m thinking of pausing my read of Howard’s End by E.M. Forster and picking up A Christmas Carol by Dickens!!

Original Tag Video:
Ange (Beyond The Pages):

1. Why do you read Classics and how often do you read Classics?
2. What is a period/country/culture that you haven’t read many classics from and would like too?
3. Which modern book do you think will be a classic in 100 years time?
4. What was the last classic you read?
5. What was the first classic you ever read?
6. Favourite classic book cover
7. Classic authors you wish had written more books
8. Least Favorite classic
9. Favourite translated classic
10. Favourite modern classic (published after 1900)
11. Classic literary places you would like to visit
12. First classic you would recommend for a child?
13. Classics you think are mistitled and what would you title them?
14. Your favorite classic you’d like to recommend to everyone
15. Who do you tag?

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