This animated phonics song helps children learn the sound of the digraph SH in English. A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound. Colorful characters teach kids two words at a time with the SH sound. Kids will love singing along and watching the action after each group of two words. As they do, they’ll practice making the sh sound. Developed with speech therapists to form each letter sound correctly. Extra practice reading words with the letter combination SH follows the song.

SH Digraph Song lyrics:

The letters S and H together make the sound: SH-SH-SH

sh – sheep
sh-sh sheep
sh – shed
sh-sh shed
sh sh sh

sh – shore
sh-sh shore
sh – shell
sh-sh shell
sh sh sh

sh – shoe
sh-sh shoe
sh – shine
sh-sh shine
sh sh sh

sh – shark
sh-sh shark
sh – ship
sh-sh ship
sh sh sh

sh – shirt
sh-sh shirt
sh – shorts
sh-sh shorts
sh sh sh

sh – shake
sh-sh shake
sh – shop
sh-sh shop
sh sh sh

sh – shower
sh-sh shower
sh – shampoo
sh-sh shampoo
sh sh sh

The letters s and h can come at the end of a word.
sh – dish
dish … sh-sh
sh – wash
wash … sh-sh
sh sh sh

sh – trash
trash … sh-sh
sh – push
push … sh-sh
sh sh sh

sh – fish
fish … sh-sh
sh – splash
splash … sh-sh
sh sh sh

Great job! Now, see if you can read these words before me, or along with me. These words have the letters sh.

sheet … sh-sh sheet
shut … sh-sh shut
shape … sh-sh shape
share … sh-sh share
she … sh-sh she
show … sh-sh show
sharp … sh-sh sharp

Very good! These next words have the letters sh at the end.

brush … brush … sh-sh
cash … cash … sh-sh
wish … wish … sh-sh
fresh … fresh … sh-sh
smash … smash … sh-sh
mush … mush… sh-sh