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These are some of my favorite genre along with some honorable mentions! 🙂
Do you enjoy Contemporary YA books?

~ R E V I E W S ~
Porch Swing Girl – https://goo.gl/zAz3eh
London Confidential – Coming soon
Carter House Girls – https://goo.gl/RDG6zh
On the Runway – https://goo.gl/WLd3cV
Samantha McGregor – https://goo.gl/irL8hr
Roadside Assistance – https://goo.gl/mG33vM
Christy Miller – https://goo.gl/XThqKe
First Date – https://goo.gl/tM6AsP
Sketchy Behavior – https://goo.gl/pxMtMg
Dandelion Dust – https://goo.gl/zQQdkR
Loving Grace – https://goo.gl/hwDrDV
The Summer of Cotton Candy – https://goo.gl/hmCUZ9

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