Ending Blends and Digraphs:
Practice Blends and Digraphs at the End of the Words

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-Consonant Blends are two Consonant sounds put together. Consonants are all the letters in the Upper and Lowercase Alphabet except the Letters: A, E, I, O, and U.

This video teaches your child how to blend two Consonants together.

The type of Consonant Blends taught in this video are Ending Consonant Blends. Ending Consonant Blends are when Consonant Blends come at the end of a word.

To practice the Ending Consonant Blends there are Ending Consonant Blend stories for your child to read in the Practice Reading Book 3 that correlate with the Ending Consonant Blend words addressed in the videos (Practice Reading Book 3 Pages: 12-21).

For additional practice with Ending Consonant Blends there are printable Consonant Blend Flashcards. With these Flashcards your child can read the various Ending Consonant Blends and add Consonants Blends to Word Beginnings to make Ending Consonant Blend Words (Ending Consonant Blend Flashcards).


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Step To Teach Your Child to READ!!!
1. Letter Identification
2. Letter Sounds
3. 2 Letter Blending
4. 3 Letter Blending (Phonics Word Families CVC Words)
5. Sight words Memorization (Practice Sight words throughout the Learn to Read Process)
6. What is a Vowel
7. Long Vowel Words (Long Vowel Words Families)
Vowel Consonant Vowel (vcv) or Vowel Vowel (VV)
8. Digraphs (2 Letters that make 1 Sound)
9. Irregular Letter Sound Combinations
10. Blends (2 letters that make two sounds blended together)
11. Controlled R Words (ar, or, er/ur/ir)