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Hi friends! Today, we have a BIG book unboxing haul because so much exciting stuff has gotten here🤍 We have some fantasy books, special editions, my June OwlCrate Jr unboxing, and more! I’m super excited to read all of these books and letting you know my opinions… We have some Thriller, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Manga, and Contemporary novels in this video. Enjoy friends!

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When browsing for books to read, I always look for book reviews. I have found some AMAZING books through these gifts and things bought and I’m all in for them. I have found more books to add to my TBR and I found some that are other booktubers favorites! That is why I bring you a huge book haul / book unboxing that quickly turned into a very chatty video about the books I got this month and me losing my mind over some of the new book releases coming this year. Booktube has buzzed about some of these books… Let’s see if I’ll enjoy them. I hope you guys enjoy this one and come out with more books to add to your TBR and some good book recommendations for 2021!

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📖 Concrete Rose |
📖 Neon Gods |
📖 March Book One |
📖 Solitaire |
📖 The Beast |
📖 Striking Distance |
📖 Disarmed |
📖 A Dowry of Blood |
📖 Starfish |
📖 The Last Magician |
📖 The Ravens |
📖 Anna K |
📖 Project Hail Mary |
📖 The Silent Patient |
📖 The Lightning Thief |
📖 The Titan’s Curse |
📖 The Battle of the Labyrinth |
📖 Klara and the Sun |
📖 Survive the Night |
📖 The Chestnut Man |
📖 The Girl from the Sea |
📖 A Sign of Affection |
📖 The Magic Fish |
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