hi besties! today’s video is i hate everyone in the world but you romance book recommendations. there is dark romance books, emotional romance books, smutty romance books, mafia romance books, and bully romance books! I hope you all enjoyed the video! thank you for watching and supporting me🤎🤎
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hi! so in today’s video I give you guys ‘ i hate everyone in the world but you romance book recommendations! I love the i hate everyone in the world but you trope so much. From movies to tv shows, to books it just warms my heart and feeds my soul. there is some dark romance book series, rom com romance book series, smutty romance book series, mafia romance book series, bully romance book series, and angsty romance book series! these are smutty romance books so beware if you don’t like that. Lots of these romance recommendations are on Kindle Unlimited. Lots of these romance book series can work for spring romance book recommendations or spring book recommendations.