Book trailer containing excerpts from ‘Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography’

Since his untimely death on June 29, 1978, Bob Crane’s unofficial biography has become akin to a broken record. Like a skip in the acetate, his murder and the scandal that grew from it have been the repeated focus of attention, to the exclusion of nearly everything else. Over time, the line between fact and fiction blurred, and his life story became distorted. All perspective on Bob Crane as a human being was lost, and he became nothing more than a two-dimensional cartoon character without depth, understanding, or definition.

Now, nearly two hundred people who knew the Hogan’s Heroes star personally and better than most—family; friends as far back as elementary school; colleagues in radio, television, theatre—have spoken out on Bob Crane’s behalf, and in many instances, for the first time. Within the pages of this book, they share their memories and thoughts about a man whom they knew as an exceptional and talented musician, a genius in radio, a sharp-witted comedian, a gifted actor and director, a man driven to success, a doting and loving father, a loyal friend, and a kind and gentle spirit with a sunny personality—a man who, while not perfect, was vastly different from how he has been presented over the decades.

Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography balances the scales and sets the record straight, providing a full and complete history of Bob Crane, clarifying who he really was—and just as importantly, who he was not.

Voice over talent: Jeff Reim

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