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In this video Chris Cannon shares a simple way to get Celebrities to endorse your book even if you’re unknown, have no platform, and just starting out. Most beginning authors believe that getting endorsements from celebrities is hard, it’s really not as difficult as people think, if you’re willing to help them. After you get celebrity endorsements, do you want to know how to actually make money from your book before and after you write it?

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How to get Celebrity Endorsements for your book

Hi Chris Cannon here, creator of the 30 Day Book Writing System for Busy People and I want to talk with you briefly about how to get celebrities to endorse your book, even if you’re completely unknown and no one has ever heard of your book before.

When it came to my book Winning Back our Boys, I actually had a person who is the financial literacy advisor to the president of our country, endorse my book. When I first thought about getting this person to endorse my book I had a lot of fear, because I was thinking who am I to ask him to endorse my book? And then I thought about it… When it comes to celebrities, they always want to be in the media, mainly for something positive. And when it comes to them endorsing your book, it’s another way for them to be out in front of their target audience to maintain the status of being a celebrity.

So when it comes to getting a celebrity endorsement for your book, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. But I will tell you this, because celebrities live a very hectic and chaotic life, they don’t really have a lot of time to actually read your book. However, one way that you can get them to actually endorse your book is to actually write the endorsement yourself. Send it to them, their publicist, or whomever might represent them, and ask could you use this testimonial to endorse your book?

More than not, they’re going to say yes, especially if your book is something that’s helpful or in alignment with their beliefs and maybe some of the things that they have done in the past. It’s very powerful when you can get a celebrity to endorse your book, because this can help propel your book further faster before it even comes out. This has been Chris Cannon, your encouragement coach, reminding you that the battle is not lost unless you accept defeat.

Get a celebrity to endure your book

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