Legendary film critic Rex Reed for several decades was the reigning master of the celebrity profile. Beginning with his best-selling Do You Sleep in the Nude? which was published to great acclaim in 1969, Rex Reed wrote brilliant, penetrating profiles of everyone who mattered, from Barbra Streisand who was just rising to superstardom to Warren Beatty after the filming of Bonnie and Clyde to aging matinee idols such as Ava Gardner. Tom Wolfe praised Reed and included his work in his Anthology of New Journalism, where Reed’s work was compared with that of Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, and others. Conversations in the Raw followed and also was a best-seller. In the seventies Reed published People Are Crazy Here and Valentines & Vitriol, completing a quartet of what may constitute the best collection of celebrity profiles ever written. These titles, all out of print, have been lovingly restored and reissued in ebook form by Devault-Graves Digital Editions, a publisher that specializes in republishing great backlisted titles.