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Our mission is to help you take your passive income from $0 to $6000 P/M – within 18 months. Yep, that’s right. We want to show you how to become free of your soul-sucking job, pointless corporate meetings & endlessly being overworked – and to live life on your own terms.

Let me tell you, its possible for you. Many of the family members of the Residual Royalty Academy have achieved this, and beyond. You’ll need to apply what you learn in the free youtube videos, and consider joining our elite society. You’ll need discipline, consistency and patience ( just like you would for any other business). You will also need an unquestioning BELIEF that you can do it, and make a commitment to invest in yourself to create the financial freedom you desire.

It doesn’t stop when you get to $6000 P/M in royalties & income. Keep publishing, keep creating and adding value to the marketplace – and you can reach $10,000 or even $20,000 P/M. Your books will remain on Amazon forever – so you’ll benefit from the fruits of your labor for years to come.

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🔑 WEEK 1 – Intro 🔑
Welcome to the Exclusive Society
Join the invite-only Discord group
My publishing journey/story so far
Get your books audited & schedule a call

🔑 WEEK 2 – Abundance Mindset 🔑
The Publishing Mindset
Money is Energy
Avoid the Unhappy & Unlucky
Smart People Sometimes Quit
The Four Pillars of the Good Life

🔑 WEEK 3 – Low Content Mastery🔑
What is Amazon KDP
Key Tools You’ll Need
How much money do you need for low-content?
Is There any Point Creating Journals?
Most Profitable Niches In My Experience
4x Classic Niche Finding Strats
Keyword Hacks That Nobody Knows
Activity, Guest & Log Book Tutorials
Low Content Book Descriptions Made Easy
Staying within the Amazon Ideologies

🔑 WEEK 4 – Advanced Low-Content Publishing 🔑
4x Blackhat Niche Strats To Take Down Your Enemies
Hiring VA’s in Detail
Pricing Secrets Using This One Trick
5x Most Common Mistakes
Gathering Reviews, Without Offending Amazon
Creating A Moat – Brand Building PT.1
Three Niche Ebooks [PDF]
Key Launch Tactics for Low Content

🔑 WEEK 5 – Children’s Story Book Mastery w/ Live Example🔑
Overview, Why We Are Doing This & Creating an Outline
Hiring Your Perfect Illustrator
Working With Your Illustrator
Coloring Your Story Book
Children’s Story Book Cover & BookTitle
The Best Children’s Story Book Niches
The Best Types of Ads To Run For These Books

🔑Week 6 – The Royalty Split Framework & The J.W. Method 🔑
14x (yes, fourteen) videos, more details on information/sales page

🔑 WEEK 7 – Audiobook Publishing🔑
Won’t fit here, check out information/sales page

🔑 WEEK 8 – Amazon Ads Mastery🔑
Setting up your dashboard & metrics perfectly
Launching ads, budgeting & best types of ads in my experience
Optimising, Scaling & Killing Your Ads
Hiring an Ads Manager/Robotics
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🔑 WEEK 10 – Your Roadmap to $5-10K Passive Income Per Month🔑
Do the Millionaire Math
Stay accountable with these sheets & group leaderboard
Closing Remarks

And if that’s not enough value to justify the small investment in yourself and your KDP business – you might as well quit on your hopes and dreams of creating a life of your own design through generating passive income using methods like this insane publishing opportunity you have right now. And go back to work for another 40 years – living paycheck to paycheck. Or choose the alternative. Don’t live with regrets of what could have been. There is money out there for the taking, you just have to commit to learning how to make it yours. So let me help you. Enrol below while this opportunity is still so untapped.

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