The Spiral ending scene recut and edited in the style of the original Saw saga, mainly the original Saw (2004), and rescored with the original Hello Zepp.
Reframed for 1.85:1 Widescreen like the Original 7 Films and with a new Green classic saw look.

Spanish Version –

The Original Theatrical Ending for Comparison –

Spiral From the Book of Saw Ending Unscored 4k –

Spiral ending 4k

Spiral Ending rescored
Spiral rescored
saw rescored
Spiral from the book of saw rescored
Spiral from the book of saw ending rescored
spiral saw ending
spiral no black bars
spiral fullscreen
spiral flashback
spiral flashbacks
spiral full ending
Spiral Ending Classic Saw Style
Spiral – Ending (With OG Saw Look)
Spiral unrated ending
Spiral full ending
spiral alternate ending
Spiral extended ending

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