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📓Must Have Guitar Book For Self Teaching. From Beginners to Advanced. For Students, Teachers as well as Live Performers.

🎸Rudiments of Guitar – India’s Highest Selling Book by Kapil Srivastava.

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🎸Why most guitar players fail to be experts because they don’t have a sound understanding on the principles of Guitar. It’s not indeed hard work alone that takes your guitar learning forward but it also knowledge of its diversified concepts i.e. the facts, logic that run behind every guitar moment. This book binds most rudimentary concepts, terms of guitar.

🎸Every guitarist must know all these universal laws, perspective, tricks and formulas that make your guitar simple and easy to understand. This is my reason to bring out this book as ‘Rudiments of Guitar’. From the very basics of guitar concepts as scales, octaves, chords and music fundamentals, it will also teach you even the principles of applying chords behind any leads.