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5 Key Lessons from Jeff Bezos’ Biography – The Everything Store by Brad Stone. This video is a book summary of Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon.

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Jeff Bezos was recently named the top technology CEO in the United States. He started selling books in 1996 and later on decided to venture into music, electronics, and so much more. He has grown the company so much and here are 5 important lessons that we can learn from this ever-growing company.

1. Long term vision – Jeff wanted to build a company that would last for decades. Never be short-sighted of what could the business do not only for you, but also for the rest of your employees as well.

2. Failing is essential – Any experiment has a chance of failure. When you look at the glass half full, you would realize that the potential to grow lies within the lessons we learn on these errors.

3. Reading and learning – He was always looking to learn and grow by reading a lot of books. Knowing where you stand and what you can do to improve can help you and your business a lot.

4. Start small. Take action. Evolve. – Starting small is how everything starts. It all unfolds as you go so do not get discouraged when you are fighting it out in the trenches.

5. Missionary not mercenary – Being obsessed in satisfying your customers’ needs is always important for you to never miss out on what they are looking for.