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This holiday season I want to share my love for classic literature with you all, so here are 30 potential gifts you can either get for yourself or somebody special. I hope this helps!

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The song is Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, Op. 111 – II. Arietta Adagio motto semplice e cantabile 🙂

0:00 ad
1:14 intro
1:57 the one who doesn’t read
2:31 the one with the short attention span
3:12 the hopeless romantic
3:43 the film fanatic
4:15 the artsy queer
5:00 the fantasy fanatic
5:42 the one who’s read everything
6:22 the one who only reads over-hyped booktok books
7:18 the literature student
8:02 the anarchist
8:24 the acquaintance
9:04 the academic elitist
9:56 the chaotic
10:34 the twilight lover
10:58 the filthy hedonist
11:26 the artsy intellectual
11:54 the poet
12:27 the love interest
13:03 the try-hard philosopher
13:40 the artist
14:14 the one with the individuality complex
14:42 then non-fiction reader
15:08 the disturbed
15:29 the constantly brooding
15:57 the slightly mad party animal
16:32 the dystopian lover
17:02 the pre-raphaelite art lover
17:45 the theatre kid
18:14 the horror/thriller lover
18:46 the graphic novel/comic book reader
19:10 outro