Hurray for Huckle (Busytown Mysteries) 125 – The Missing Mystery Books | Cartoons for Kids
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When Sally needs a specific book for a school report on trees, she finds it’s overdue at the Busytown Library and the Librarian can’t read who took the book out because of a mysterious green drip covering the name.//The Busytown Bookshop is missing a new delivery of ‘Molly Mystery’ books. Huckle and his friends search unsuccessfully for the box marked with double ‘M’s.

Curiosities are everywhere in Busytown and so are Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo plus Pig Will and Pig Won’t. Each episode is an innovative blend of humor and learning based around six unforgettable friends and many other colorful characters from the amazing world of Richard Scarry’s books. Viewers follow the friends as they scour Busytown looking for the answer to the episode’s mystery. Every time looking for fun and adventure and with everyone driving their own unique vehicle, getting there is half the fun!

Childrens’ show based on the classic works of author and illustrator Richard Scarry centers on six characters solving the mysteries of everyday life in an imaginary place called Busytown.