Adventures with Dragons A Pop-Up History book from Insight Editions! Squirrel Stampede toy reviews, and book reviews the Mighty Paper Engineered Pop-Up Book featuring 6 full page 3D spreads, multiple working paper tricks, large maps, and fantastic How to Train Your Dragon storyline. Not to be missed book for any Dragons fan!

Thanks Insight Editions for sharing a free sample book for the Squirrels to read!

Also today, we check on The Hidden World Mystery Mini Dragon toys from Spin Master. Multiple surprise blind bag packs of Dragons to go through. Will the mysterious Blue Alpha Toothless be inside?

HTTYD 3 Blue Ray, DVD, and Digital Release day! Look for an exclusive pack with Dragon wings costume!

And finally who doesn’t like PEZ? Toothless and Hiccup PEZ dispensers! Hope their heads stay on!

Thanks for watching Squirrel Stampede

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