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Having an amazing book cover is essential to making your book sell. It’s probably the most important step in your entire publishing process and will literally make your break your book. So it’s extremely important to not be cheap, invest into a nice book cover.

So how do you design a good book cover? Unless you are a graphic designer, you should outsource this task rather then spending hours and a ton of money trying to figure out graphic design, just to come out with a poor cover.

You can hire a pro to make book covers for you for cheap, and in this video I show you 3 options.

First one is with 100 covers which is what I recommend. They design book covers for many top self-publishers and are recommended by many of them as their go-to book cover design service. I have a special discount for anyone that uses the above link.

Second option is with The Urban Writers. They are slightly cheaper than 100 covers and will prove all 3 formats, kindle, paperback, and audiobook version of the cover for you.

Third option is Fiverr which I do not recommend anymore, but if you still go with them then you can create a book cover for as cheap as $5.

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