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How To Write and Publish a Best Selling Book on AMAZON – Full Tutorial by 14 Times Published Author, Sarah Cordiner (www.sarahcordiner.com)

Join my “How To Write and Self Publish Your Own Print Book and eBook on Amazon” course, here: www.sarahcordiner.com/bookchallenge

Self-publishing your own book on Amazon is not as hard as you might think!
I remember when publishing a book was a dream of mine – fast-forward a few years and now I have self-published 14 books on Amazon, with 5 of them reaching the Number 1 Best Seller spot!

In this full tutorial, I will walk you through the step-by-step basics for writing and publishing your own print book or Kindle ebook on Amazon.

Are you ready to write and publish your own book?
Join my “How To Write and Self Publish Your Own Print Book and eBook on Amazon” Course, here: www.sarahcordiner.com/bookchallenge

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