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Michael Savage Author Signed Book Find! You can these books for at goodwill, book sales, thrift shops, and auctions!
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I am a full time picker like the guys on American pickers, except I buy vintage, antique, rare, unusual as well as modern, brand new retail, and anything I can buy and sell to make money on. I also like to scrap metal too! Watch my videos to learn to make A lot of money for free by buying and selling on Ebay, Amazon, Auctions, Craigslist, flea markets, and Etsy. I show you how I buy and sell full time. Be like American Pickers and Pawn Stars!

*Hey you never know what you might find! I got this Author Signed Michael Savage Liberalism is a mental disorder book for only $1 at the goodwill. It’s not worth more than $10 or $15 but still a pretty interesting find. Michael savage’s autograph seems not to be worth a whole lot which is a bit surprising considering how many fans he has.

You can sell some autographed books for thousands but I have never found one. You can do well with first edition books too, and I have only found some of those. The best place to find books is at a library book sale. They are usually very cheap because they have to sell a lot of items very quickly. I have picked up some signed books there, but nothing special. Goodwill, tag sales, and thrift shops are always the best places to find these items when you can, because nobody even knows what they are. Auctions usually know what the item is and buyers at auctions do too. You just never know what is out there though. This is one of my more “interesting” book finds.