Here are my top 5 books that I read this year, plus 3 runner-ups to highlight underrated books that need more love! 🥰 Thanks to Book of the Month for sponsoring this video. This December they’re running a special deal where you can get your first box for $5 with the code JOLLY (US residents only) Grab it with my link here:

**Update: To all the white queers responding to my comment during “White Tears/Brown Scars” – There are exceptions to every general statement, but my example was that you can *generally* hide and disguise your queerness, but you can’t do that with race. (Also, queer POC exist too.) Regardless of whether queerness can get clocked or not, debating on those technicalities is not the point. The point is that that while being queer will always be harder than being straight, being white will always be easier than anything else. You need to accept that you are white and benefit from your whiteness, not just cling onto your queerness as refuge.

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⌛ 0:00 – Intro
📚 0:20 – Book of the Month
📕 02:16 – The Inheritance Games:
📕 06:22 – In the Dream House:
📕 08:23 – White Tears/Brown Scars:
📕 11:33 – One Last Stop:
📕 15:45 – People We Meet on Vacation:
📕 18:55 – A Tale For the Time Being:
📕 20:11 – Craft in the Real World:
📕 21:26 – Chinatown Pretty:

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