Witcher 3 – Taking a look at a rather mysterious and rare quest in Velen – Hazardous Goods & Gert Borel’s fate – going over every detail, choice and outcome, and discussing Triss’ immunity to diseases, the Catriona plague, the Devil’s pit and more cut content.

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0:00 Committing Crimes against Ciri
0:22 The Road East of Lindenvale.
0:53 Hauling a pile of stiffs…
1:26 Are Mages Immune to Diseases?
1:47 Triss playing dirty.
3:35 ^_^
3:39 Back to the quest.
4:06 Refusing to help.
4:26 Agreeing to help.
5:20 What you probably missed.
6:50 Agreeing to kill him.
7:24 Refusing to kill him.
7:53 He does not die!
8:35 Something feels off…
8:59 Possible connection to the Devil’s Pit
10:02 The Light side of the Devil’s Pit
10:23 The Dark side of the Devil’s Pit
10:49 Mysterious devices hidden inside.
11:24 Bugged codex, pox on it!
12:02 Ciri and the Catriona Plague
13:41 Abruptly cut outro.

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