Kids Books: Don’t Touch This Book! read aloud for children! Larry the Monster does NOT want you to touch his book. That’s a bit of a problem for the StoryTeller. And the Puppets are pressuring her to touch the book. What will happen in this wacky KidTime StoryTime!?!

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In past lives, Writer/Illustrator Bill Cotter has been a slug, a ninja, and a bear. In this life, he spreads love and humor in the universe through books!

KidTime StoryTime narrates kid stories with love, funny accents and a cast of wacky puppets & stuffed animals who all seem to have strong literary opinions and sharply different tastes in books. From tough topics to classic Disney to bilingual stories, we aim to edutain & inspire a lifelong love of reading in children! Ideal for kids from birth through approximately 99 years of age. Because children’s books are seriously awesome & surprisingly deep. No Kidding.


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