today we have a discussion video about the ‘i’m not like other girls’ trope and how it appears in early young adult fiction books! think twilight, shadowhunters, shadow and bone, red queen etc. Hope you enjoyed this kind of video, i’m a commentary channel now (jk lol…unless?). also i now have even more respect for people who fully edit whole video essays.

Media mentioned in this video:
• Three other videos about the ‘not like other girls’ trope in general:
By Tiffanyferg:
By Jordan Theresa:
By Sarah Z:
• The Aesthetic by ContraPoints:
• Femininity and the Intersection of Race and Class by Shanspeare:
• Ain’t I a Woman by Bell Hooks:
• YA Protagonists Still Aren’t Like Other Girls by Ashia Monet:

00:00 intro
2:51 PART 1: what is the ‘not like other girls’ trope
4:10 why do girls call themselves ‘not like other girls’?
6:07 PART 2: how NLOG appears in YA books
6:39 paranormal romance
7:31 the strong female character
11:48 but why?????
13:05 PART 3: the femininity contradiction
16:31 PART 4: the femininity contradiction in YA books
17:19 the rival mean girl
18:45 male approval
21:46 beauty
24:18 conclusion
24:50 PART 5: modern YA fiction
25:47 PART 6: what did we learn from this?
26:28 outro + bloopers

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