Today I went thrifting for books to look for the best selling book of all time. Are you wondering what books sell on eBay for profit? In this video I went thrifting for books in six thrift stores looking for the best selling book of all time. In this video I show you all the books I found while thrifting, how much I plan to list them for, how much profit I hope to make and I’ll show you one book I found that might be worth a LOT of money!

My name is Mel and I’m a full time eBay seller who thrifts books to sell on eBay. My goal is to help people learn how to sell on eBay as well as sharing my own personal journey along the way. – never expected but always appreciated!

What Sells on eBay:

My eBay photo setup:

THIS IS WHAT I SELL ON EBAY // Items you can flip online for profit $$

Huge profits from this book haul!

This is exactly how I manage thousands of inventory for Selling on eBay

I bought more books to sell on eBay!

Watch me picking, packing and shipping books

Why You Should Sell Romance Books on eBay

Selling Books Online // What is Foxing?

View my HUGE Book Haul // Books I sell on eBay

Selling Books on eBay // How to Post a Book with Australia Post

How I make income selling FREE books on eBay

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