Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why does my website need Link2Library?

If you’re a book, movie or music vendor, your relationship with your customers’ local libraries can really make a difference in your profits! Customers rarely buy something blindly, yet it’s expensive for stores to give out trials to everyone who asks for them. The collateral damage alone can really dampen your stocks and spirits.

This is why Link2Library is your best solution at giving your customers the trials they need without actually having them use your products! Link2Library helps customers see if what they liked in your stock is in their local library. This way, they can give it a test run and convince themselves if they want to buy it or not. Without this, they could just not be buying at all - in the end, who wants to give out money for something they’re unsure of?

Get Link2Library on your website today! Start profiting from libraries to get more sales!

How much does it cost to use Link2Library?

It is absolutely free to use the Link2Library service for non-profit websites and websites with less than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

For other websites, after a 30- days free trial, the subscription fee will be based on the monthly traffic, please check Subscribe for details.

Library Integration

How many libraries does Link2Library integrate?

Currently more than 10,000 libraries located in USA and Canada have been integrated to Link2Library. New libraries are added constantly based on suggestions from librarians and Link2Library users.

What kind of library can be integrated to Link2Library system?

A library must have an online catalog search function. After configuring the URL address, it can be integrated to Link2Library's system.

How do I suggest my local library to be integrated to Link2Library?

To suggest your local library, please contact us by providing the library website address. Link2Library's configuration staff will add your local library to the system as long as there is a configurable catalog URL address.

How come the catalog search for some libraries does not work?

In order to make sure the library catalog for each library works properly, Link2Library checks the catalog search for all the libraries on a daily basis. However, some libraries update their websites or catalog search prior to the check, the catalog search for these libraries might not work properly. Please  contact us if this happens to you, we can update the catalog as soon as possible.

Library Selection

How can I select my local library?

When you click the Find in Library button on the websites using Link2Library's service, you will be directed to a page, where you can confirm or select your local library. This page won't show up until you clear the cookies on your computer. Please refer to the Instructions on how to delete cookies for different browsers.

What should I do if I select the wrong library or if I want to change to another library?

There are two approaches to re-select your library. The first one is to clear cookies {Please refer the Instructions on  how to delete cookies for different browserson your computer and you can choose the right one when the select library page shows up. The second way is to click the  Re-set Home Library link shown at the home page of Link2Library.

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