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How to integrate Find in Library option to your website?

Copy/paste the following HTML code into the code for your website and a Find in Library link will show up.  Note: you can customize the format of Find in Library link to suit the need of your website.

< a href=''BOOK TITLE'>Find in Local Library</a>

How to integrate Find in Library option to a blog?

Click the Link shown at the top of the tool bar when you compose a post, an Edit Link dialog will pop up. Fill the dialog as following:

Add Find in Library link to a books

How does Find in Library link work after integration? 

After Find in Library is integrated, visitors from USA and Canada can access their home library catalog search directly from your website. When they click Find in Library, Link2Library will automatically detect nearby libraries. A Select Home Library page, as shown in the following image, will ask them to confirm or select their home library. Once confirmed, a catalog search for the selected library will be performed. 

It should be noted that this page only shows up for first time users. They won't be asked to confirm library again unless they clear the cookies on their computers. If they choose the wrong library, they can either Reset Home Library or clear cookies to select their home library again.

How to make use of Link2Library on

For Goodreads users, you may add Link2Library as one of your own book links, so that you can check any book’s availability at your home library directly from Goodreads. By using Link2Library, you don’t need worry about configuring or updating your library catalog search, Link2Library will do that for you. Please follow the following steps to add Link2Library as your book link.

1.    Login to your account and open Edit Profile at the right side panel to find book links tab.

2.  Click add new link, the following page will show up. Input Link2Library and to link name and title search url field respectively. Then click create book link
3. A new book link Link2Library is created. You can move it to the top by click the arrow beside it.

4. Now you can use Link2Library to check local library catalog. Just click Link2Library and it will perform a direct catalog search once you confirmed your home library. The library confirmation page only shows up for first time users. 

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