Who We Are 

Link2Library hosts over 10,000 individual library catalog search across the USA and Canada, which covers more than 95% population. Our mission is to provide a handy tool for book/movie/music websites so that the visitors to these websites can check any library item's availability at their home library with one click. 

Why Link2Library Matters

For book, movie or music vendors, the visibility and credibility of your websites are very important. The relationship with your customers’ local libraries can really make a difference! Link2Library helps customers see if what they liked in your stock is in their local library with just one click.  Customers rarely buy something blindly, Link2Library is your best solution at giving your customers the trials before they decide to buy one. 

Check out  AboutRead to see Link2Library in action.  Get Link2Library on your website today so that your visitors could enjoy this NEW feature immediately. 

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